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Alina Dudziak - Gronek

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As the Antenna Advisory owner, I act as senior independent consultant and headhunter with expertise in the defined industries, providing services of domestic and international business networking and advisory. I am deeply involved in the aviation sector, carrying out a wide range of various activities on dedicated people, aeronautical constructions, passionately popularizing the history of aviation.
I recruit executives and specialists for companies operating in the mentioned industries. This includes professional profiles such as management | business development | professionals of military background | production | engineers | IT.

I am the founder, owner and CEO of the Klub Stewardess i Kobiet w Lotnictwie (Club of Stewardesses and Women in Aviation- see Facebook).

I am the consultant for the Coleman Research providing expertise in defense and AVIATION, and HR. I provide industry overview to companies who need a search re. Polish market.

My other roles:
❭ Head of Aviation & Space at the AQTEEV, located in Luxembourg
❭ BDD at the AirTransport Inc. ( US)
❭ Memebr of the Polish Airmen Association
❭ Volunteer at the MoD Center of Veterans in Warsaw, Poland.

I have been honorary director of the American Chamber of Commerce for the Gdansk branch in 2015-2017.

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