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Alina Dudziak - Gronek

+48 603 69 88 82
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Partner of the aerospace business portal:

Contact in Polish and English.

Independent senior consultant and headhunter with expertise in niche industries.

I specialize in international business networking, recruitment and advisory services in a wide scope of technological sectors, with a strong focus on:

❭ Space technologies
❭ Defense
❭ Aerospace
❭ Aviation Business
❭ Aviation and space legislation consulting
(in partnership with Jadwiga Stryczyńska)
❭ Cybersecurity
❭ Robotics/AI
❭ All other Industry 4.0 sectors

In partnership with: | LUXEMBURG

As an experienced headhunter I also help in the recruitment of professionals and experts with rare competences for companies operating in these industries.

Business Development Director for American AIR TRANSPORT Inc.

Since 2011 involved in business development at Skyfleet, which gives me continued access to current knowledge of trends, people and business in the aerospace industry.

I am an external consultant for consulting companies: Coleman Research and Lynk Global (expertise in space, defence, aviation, and HR)

I also work in partnership with TOMBRIDGE Consulting & Advisory and Iddeni.

A honorary director of the American Chamber of Commerce for the Gdansk branch in 2015-2017.

From December 2017, a volunteer at the MoD Center of Veterans in Warsaw, Poland.

Starting from 3Q of 2019 in partnership with MakeItRight, delivering IT specialists.